Our Team
Principal:Kevin Henders
Manager:  Steven Chang
Teacher:Brenda Reeve
Teacher:Dan Hirn
Teacher:David McDowell
Teacher:Erin Cammell
Teacher:Fiacre Byrne
Teacher:Frederick Weil
Staff:        Francine Hsu
Staff:        Garrick Mak
Teacher:Greg Patton
Staff:        James Zhu
Staff:        John Deasy
Teacher:Katlin L. Jones
Teacher:Louesa Byrne
Teacher:Matt Bustin
Teacher:Mike Cumiskey
Staff:        Michael Zhao
Staff:        Mimmy Hsu
Teacher:Nicole Matter
Teacher:Neill McCallum
Teacher:Pamela Post
Teacher:Pat Murphy
Teacher:Stephan Fournier




About Us

PRESL has been providing programs for children to experience Canadian cultureand learn English since 2002. The program combines a strong, certified andprofessional teaching staff with unique opportunities for students to practice English while discovering the wonderful recreational and cultural opportunitiesin the Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler areas.

In the following year PRESL working with Shanghai's Putuo School District and the Youth Center of Putuo District established a joint venture company known as "Shanghai PRESL Education Consult ing Co., Ltd."

PRESL Ltd. of Vancouver works with Shanghai PRESL Consult Co. Ltd. to provide professional program marketing and support in all aspects of the student'sinvolvement with the summer program. To date, over 1500 students and 180 teachers have been a part of these summerprograms. Our new Principal Kevin Henders looks forward to receiving thisyear's visiting studntes.