Our Team
Principal£ºKevin Henders
Manager:  Steven Chang
Teacher£ºBrenda Reeve
Teacher£ºDan Hirn
Teacher£ºDavid McDowell
Teacher£ºErin Cammell
Teacher£ºFiacre Byrne
Teacher£ºFrederick Weil
Staff:        Francine Hsu
Staff:        Garrick Mak
Teacher£ºGreg Patton
Staff:        James Zhu
Staff:        John Deasy
Teacher£ºKatlin L. Jones
Teacher£ºLouesa Byrne
Teacher£ºMatt Bustin
Teacher£ºMike Cumiskey
Staff:        Michael Zhao
Staff:        Mimmy Hsu
Teacher£ºNicole Matter
Teacher£ºNeill McCallum
Teacher£ºPamela Post
Teacher£ºPat Murphy
Teacher£ºStephan Fournier




Teacher Mr. David McDowell

My name is David McDowell and I have been a teacher for a British Columbia School District for the last five years. Before I started teaching I studied both in northern British Columbia, where I achieved a B/A with concentrations in Geography and Resource Recreation and Tourism, and here in Vancouver, where I received my B/Ed.

In the last fifteen years I have been involved in all sorts of programs designed for youths. Some of those programs involved classroom settings and others involved outdoor adventures. These days I teach Geography, Social Studies and English in Richmond, British Columbia. Cumulatively, my experiences have enabled me with all kinds of wonderful opportunities to learn about people and places.

This will be my first year as a teacher with PRESL but I am confident that this will be a summer to remember. I really look forward to meeting you all, talking with you and helping you with your English language goals.

We have a lot to see and do this summer. Let¡¯s make it a great one!


David McDowell