Our Team
Principal£ºKevin Henders
Manager:  Steven Chang
Teacher£ºBrenda Reeve
Teacher£ºDan Hirn
Teacher£ºDavid McDowell
Teacher£ºErin Cammell
Teacher£ºFiacre Byrne
Teacher£ºFrederick Weil
Staff:        Francine Hsu
Staff:        Garrick Mak
Teacher£ºGreg Patton
Staff:        James Zhu
Staff:        John Deasy
Teacher£ºKatlin L. Jones
Teacher£ºLouesa Byrne
Teacher£ºMatt Bustin
Teacher£ºMike Cumiskey
Staff:        Michael Zhao
Staff:        Mimmy Hsu
Teacher£ºNicole Matter
Teacher£ºNeill McCallum
Teacher£ºPamela Post
Teacher£ºPat Murphy
Teacher£ºStephan Fournier




Ms. Mimmy Hsu

Hello everyone,

My name is Mimmy Hsu, and I am currently a student from the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto.

My concentration is on clarinet performance. Anyways, this year, I am excited to be chosen as one of the staff members for the prestigious Pacific Rim ESL school.

As a staff member, I will try my best to create an unforgettable memory for all the students travelling to Canada from their lovely home.

I sincerely hope that your trip to Canada will be memorable for the rest of your life! I am looking forward to meet you all!!


Mimmy Hsu