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Teacher£ºFrederick Weil
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Teacher£ºNicole Matter
Teacher£ºNeill McCallum
Teacher£ºPamela Post
Teacher£ºPat Murphy
Teacher£ºStephan Fournier




Teacher Ms. Nicole Matter

Hi! I'm Nicole Matter and I am a teacher for a British Columbia School District. I immigrated to Canada from Australia, 6 years ago. I find that Vancouver is very much like ¡°home¡±, it has it all - welcoming people, lively culture and breathtaking natural environments to explore and appreciate.

Before I started teaching, I studied in Australia, where I achieved a Bachelor of Communications and Public Relations from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and also here in British Columbia at Simon Fraser University (SFU), where I received my Bachelor of Education. I have also taught ESL in Japan and Vancouver, and have been working with children and teenagers for the last 8 years.

This summer will be filled with memorable experiences for all of us. I look forward to helping you achieve your English language goals and being part of your Canadian summer adventure!


Nicole Matter