Homestay 每 the most unique way to get to know another culture and have them get to know yours. Learn, by a hands on approach to sharing 每 your family, your home, your community. With students and Teachers from another part of our great world. An experience of a life time, you and your extend family will not forget.

Come and share with us!

The 3 most important things for a student in your home on the first day are:

1 - Give them their IP Phone Card and make sure they've called their parents.
HOW TO USE A PHONE CARD: Enter 604-484-2888, then enter PIN number.
When phoning China, please make sure you enter the Long Distance Code number (011) then the Country Code number for China (86) and then either one of the following two options:
a) the parent's cell phone number,
for example: 604-484-2888+PIN+011+86+1370-1856-131(Cell)
b) parent's home phone number. If your student calls their home phone number, you must enter Shanghai City's Code number which is 21 after you have entered 011 86. for example: 604-484-2888+PIN+011+86+21+5643-7086 (H)

2 - Give them the Contact Card and make sure they've written down your name, their name and your contact phone number.

3 - Food: Most problems are caused by food, we understand different family make different food, but we hope our homestay will follow our food standard for breakfast and lunch at below. Also, here some great food choices: If you want to purchase Chinese food, we would recommend that you purchase these products for our Chinese students. Please click here to see the photos. Remember no Mr Noodles! This is like junk food to our students

Breakfast - ideas for making a breakfast: bread, egg, jam, milk, juice and butter (if student like it).
Lunch - ideas for making a lunch: bread, mayo or butter, veggies with deli meat, slices of cheese. Extras to pack could be: fruit, cheese sticks, cookies, granola bar 每 please always include a nice size bottle of water, not a tiny juice box  

4 - Let them check the spelling of their name and their birthdate as it is listed on their Medical Insurance Card. If you find that anything is different, please contact a teacher immediately. You are responsible for the safe keeping of their medical insurance cards.

5 - For medical appointments please go to Ironwood Mall, Ironwood Medical Clinic. their address: Suite 3100-11666 Steveston Hwy, Richmond, BC,Tel: 604-448-9595. They understand our insurance policy and are very nice people. They we take good care of the students.

6 - For currency (money) $$ exchange can be found at this address: KingMark (Canada) Currency Exchange Inc. It is located at Yoahan Center: 1025 - 3700 No. 3 Road, Richmond, B.C. Tel: 604-273-8100. But not open at Sunday.

7 - Air vent in the floor - Please click here to show a picture to student or you need to tell student: In Canada, many of our homes have air vents in the floor for our heating systems. This is not a drain. Our heat comes up from the furnace or heating system through pipes and these pipes hold hot air to heat the room. The air comes from the pipes and into the room through these vents in the floor that have covers similar to the one in the picture.

Please note that all Homestay Hosts need to sign our "Host - Student Agreement".

8 - Homestay Contactor - Please contact:

PRESL User Login - Please click .

Family Responsibilities

  • Pick up and drop off students 每 at scheduled times
  • Provide a clean, private room (two may share a room with separate beds)
  • Respect the privacy of the student by teaching family members that once a student occupies the bedroom 每 they should not enter without knocking or having the students permission
  • Students of different gender cannot occupy the same home (unless they are from the same family)
  • The family prepares all the student meals ,( which is three per day) 每 with the exception if the student would like to learn what to do for him or herself
  • Families should eat all dinner meals with the students to encourage English conversation
  • Students should have comfortable access to common areas of the house and reasonable access to laundry
  • House rules must of course be respected by the students. House rules must apply to all not some. Please have these explained to the student within the first three days of arriving
  • Students should be asked to keep shower time to 10 minutes
  • There are no home visits from relatives of students allowed 每 please contact a PRESL staff immediately if you think a student has scheduled a visit
  • Students require shopping time on the weekends, to gather souvenirs for home
  • We suggest limited use of the internet 每 as in no access after the family members have turned in for the night
  • Students each receive a phone card 每 they are to hold it 每 they are to use it
  • The Host families are to encourage the students to call home on the day they arrive 每 help them make these calls , they are very important to the families back home
  • Students are not to hold their insurance documents 每 Host families are to put them in a safe place for access in case of emergency



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